Quality Standards

Premium Brand:

Honey Money Top as a brand has always stood for its quality and service. This has helped us gain the tag of a premium brand which is difficult and get and even more difficult to retain. Our target is no longer to provide goods but an experience like no other to the consumers. We get many advantages due to this premium image which are as follow-

We have become the preferred shopping destination for elite classes who value quality and service over the price.

Our premium brand name has helped us with products branded under the Honey Money Top banner.

The consumers are willing the pay a premium for our brand name as it ascertains the quality of the product.

We plan to take the "Honey Money Top" brand name to even new heights which will allow us to take greater advantages from the brand.

Private Label:

Private label refers to the set of products we sell under the Honey Money Top banner. These products are procured and packed by us in our facilities. Our brand name has helped us garner good sales through these products. We are currently selling the following products under the Honey Money Top brand name-





Bakery Products


These have been really successful for the company and currently contribute around 30% of the revenue. We are industry leader in terms of ratio of private label products to the total sales. We plan on introducing many new products under our brand name and increase the share of private label in total sales in future.

Honey Money Top is fast growing company with over 50% CAGR revenue growth in past 5 years. We have extensive growth plans for years to come. The company has already shown in past two decades of what it’s capable of achieving. The management is optimistic about the future and have decided the given set of targets for the succeeding two years.


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